#DeepCuts: The Best New Mixtape Tracks Kevin Gates

The final two weeks of January and the first week of February included a flurry of mixtape releases from across the country. From the endless churn of Brick Squad affiliates to DJ Mustard's increasing refinement of his "ratchet" sound, from Chicago teenagers to New York's retro relapse, hip-hop has an increasing sense of diversity and more voices becoming involved in the conversations about it. 

Perhaps the most consistent tapes released in the past two weeks came from the South; Tennessee titan 8ball released his Premro 2 mixtape, an exceedingly consistent and mature release. And Kevin Gates, an underrated original from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, not only solidified his increasing buzz but exceeded expectations on about every level with his epic release The Luca Brasi Story.

These are some of the best individual tracks you might have slept on from the past few weeks. Mix it up.

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