Love is in the air, baby birds, and festival season is approaching faster than you can say, "Daft Punk is headlining Coachella." (because they aren't...again. Get over it.) So rather than waiting around for the flower head bands, free spirits, and 72 hours of not bathing, we've decided to dive right into it, step out of the states, and check out what Costa Rica's Envision Festival (which kicks off on February 27) has to offer. Slow down, baby birds. We know you're asking yourselves, "But I work a 9-to-5/go to school/have an allergy to spicy food (and spicier women), how can I go to Envision Festival in the sunny, beautiful country of Costa Rica?"

Well that's why we're here, you sweet little chicitas, you. Check in throughout the coming weeks for live tweets, updates, photos, and coverage of the event by following @DoAndroidsDance and @TheDootyBird, and obviously liking our page as well as Envision Festival's page on Facebook.

STILL not enough for you? Jump into the slide show for a "How To" on making it to Uvitas, Costa Rica as well as some of our acts to look out for.