Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 1

Sure, this late 70s hit sounds like it would be a sweetheart's saccharine-sweet, all-too-adorable anthem to their likeminded (and equally cheesy) lover. It seems like the kind of song custom-made for super-cheesy couples. But, let your imagination run with this for a moment: 1. "When you're laying in my arms, you do the things you do." 2. "So show me, show me everything you do." 3. "I want to kiss you all over, 'til the night closes in." It takes only three lines for the concept to fully manifest, but yes, this is a song about one of the great sexual dynamics in the world: Reciprocating. A gentleman's agreement, and moreover, the joys of fulfilling it. So long as you can manage to not associate it with Happy Gilmore, it's a halfway decent song to "reciprocate" to as well.