TMZ reports today that Nas is being sued $10 million after an American promoter was kidnapped following a New Year's Eve concert last year in Angola where Nas was a no-show.

The story goes that Nas was paid $300,000 to perform at the concert in Angola, and when he failed to show up, American promoter Patrick Allocco says he was kidnapped and held as ransom by Angolan promoters and their "henchman" because they wanted their money returned. Nas paid the money back fairly swiftly, but Allocco says he was still held hostage for 50 days due to what TMZ describes as "a lot of back and forth."

According to the federal lawsuit that was filed yesterday, Allocco wants Nas to pay $10 million for what happened to him. He says that he was beaten and threatened constantly during the 50 days, and while he was held in Angola, he was unable to conduct business back in America, which led to him losing his home and his company.

Nas has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

[via TMZ