The First Thing I Bought When I Got Rich is a recurring feature in which today's most popular artists open up about the big purchases they made immediately following early success.

Curren$y's love for cars is well-documented. Like, to the point that sometimes he goes by the alias Spitta Andretti. When we sat down with him to discuss the first thing he purchased when he got rich, it seemed like a nice whip would be the obvious answer. We were wrong. Read on to find out what Spitta picked up right after he got his first big check.

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich?
An air mattress. I knew I had this condo situated prior to the check clearing, so [the condo is] not really what I got when I got rich. All that was already set up. Once said money was there, once they were like, "Mr. Franklin, your funds are available," the first thing I bought was an air mattress.

How much did it cost?
I feel like it was 79 bucks. It was damn near like a king size. It was tall. It was a real nice one. I bought that shit and I put it in a trunk of a Ferrari and I fucking went and moved into my new place.

When did you buy it?
This was fucking...fuck. I don't exactly remember the date. It was Mardi Gras day, 2010.

Where did you get it from?
Walgreens. Walgreens on Canal Street will sell you an air mattress.

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