Dated: Mos Def (2005)

Alana Wyatt only dated Mos Def for a few days—like, two or maybe three—after meeting him in a Toronto trip club. Then they got married. Despite this rock-solid foundation, the relationship went south, and Alana has accused Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) of being abusive in the relationship. She wanted a divorce and even went to far as to write her own tell-all about the marriage, Breaking the Code of Silence. However, Mos Def refused to grant the divorce—according to speculation, because there had been no prenup. This may be a problem as Mos Def got married in late 2011. For some entertaining reading, see the note at Diary of a Hollywood Street King allegedly sent from Alana Wyatt:

"How dare you NOT settle your MESS here in Toronto (Canada) have my ass out here married to someone I barely know, can’t move on, but yet … 'OH'. Here ur ass is trynna marry some one else. AGAIN!"