The first skirmish has concluded, but the McDonald's® Flavor Battle rages on. After the first round of voting, the casualties mounted, as two DJs from each region were eliminated. But there is still more fighting to do, and round 2 is already under way.

18 DJs remain in total—six from each of three regions: the East Coast, represented by the Angus Third Pounder; the Central region, under the banner of the Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese; and the West Coast, whose battle crest is emblazoned with the most iconic burger in history, the Big Mac®. You can log on to to vote for your favorite DJ from each region. While there, you can view each DJ's profile and check out their mixes to help you make your decision. At the end of this second round, the DJ with the most votes from each region will move on to the McDonald's® Flavor Battle finale on February 7th, 2013 in Miami, Florida. The winner of that finale will receive $10,000, but their only way to Miami is through you, the voter. Speaking of, by voting, you will also be automatically entered to win a trip for two to Miami to see the Flavor Battle finale live.

Visit Enlist in the battle. #FlavorBattle