Album: Tell Ya Friends
Label: S.L.A.B.

“I made that in Boyd too. Recorded the hook and everything. All this stuff is so old. It’s crazy thinking about all this came about. I remember Sean was on tour, and I think they ran into Chip, and Chip gave his email to my homie Zeno, and was like, ‘Send me some beats.’ I sent him some beats. I later ended up meeting him at the studio, and we talked about the record. It was just crazy, just like we’re two niggas out here grinding. We made a really good song, and we got more great shit on the way too. That was one of my fun songs I made. I made it on campus in my dorm. I made a lot of the songs on that list in my dorm. That’s crazy.

“Chip is like a really cold nigga with the bars. I just fuck with it. I’m happy that song came out. I think there’s something unique about his flow.”

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