Album: The Beginning of the End
Label: Rap-a-Lot
Producer: Donald XL Robertson

Juvenile: “I'm on the remix of ‘Nolia Clap,’ that's really not my song to be honest. I'm the CEO over that. That's really more like Wacko's song. We had a little group album we put together and I thought it was a good look to have ‘Nolia Clap’ be the first single on it so that's why I ended up being on the song.

“Wacko had this hook he had been singing around the studio for a minute, the whole Nolia Clap thing, so it was just a matter of putting a beat to it. We got out there to the West Coast and hooked up with my man XL and got in the studio with him and started throwing ideas together and we came up with that.

“I had to do a few more things like get Mannie Fresh to do some cutting and stuff on it. I also took the same song to Memphis to a cat named Sliced T and got him to play some keys on it. So three of four producers have their hands on that one record.”