Album: New Jack City
Label: Giant Records, Warner Brothers Records

DJ Toomp: “2 Live Crew took advantage of the little young DJ Toomp. I didn’t get my credits on that particular album. New Jack City movie credits went up, I didn’t see my name on there. But till this day, everybody know that I produced 'Dick In The Dust.' But since [the movie studio] were actually dealing directly with Luke, by the time it got to Luke I don’t know if selective memory kicked in where they just forgot who did the track, so on the credits it was just his name, Mike Fresh and Cool Cali, ODS Productions—but DJ Toomp wasn’t on there.

“What’s crazy about that is, I wasn’t signed at the time. I was working up under some other producers. And that was my first time [producing a big record] like that. I was about to turn 21.

“The song itself was just a track that I had sampled from the Neville Brothers, but I can’t think of the original name. I actually did it with the MP1200 back then. I just put the track together and we were at Luke’s studio. 2 Live Crew were like, 'Yo, we looking for a song for the New Jack City soundtrack!' and so one of the guys, I think Brother Marquis heard it and was like, 'Yo, I got something for that, it’s a song called ‘Dick In The Dirt’!' and they ended up calling it 'Dick In The Dust.' It took Kid Ice about eight hours to get his verse right because the beat was a lot slower than the average 2 Live Crew record. So the rhythm was a little crazy for him, so it took a minute, but it ended up coming out being a cool record. I mean, those guys are cool. I now realize that was a [life] course that I took. It prepared me for the real world.

“But till this day I never got royalties or anything from that record because I was just young, so I never even handled my black and white. I got a little green off of it, but I never did end up with the black and white: which is the publishing and all the rights and stuff.

“I mean, I explained to people I did the record, and even 2 Live Crew has never denied it. They be like, 'Yea, Toomp did do it.'

“I mean, in this game ain’t too many producers gonna just lie about what they did. But with them I was like, 'Go and let people know that I did this track. Don’t stick me both ways, you already done took my credits.'”