Label: Grand Hustle, Atlantic

A$AP Yams: “You know what’s funny about that, back in the days on the MySpace page, that was all of our MySpace. Our MySpace song was that ‘ASAP.’ When we first started, Rocky came out to that instrumental, when we first started doing shows and shit.

“At that time, T.I. came at a time where everybody was on they crunk shit, you know what I’m saying? It was all just real hype shit. Yelling, calling response records and shit like that. Our standard, it made people, it made it hard for the rest of the world to really appreciate southern rap. Not appreciate it, period, cause there was just too much party rap. And T.I. kind of just came—they crowned him Jay-Z of the south. He called himself the king, and Scarface, who was supposed to take offense to that, said, ‘Nah, you can have that.’ On top of that, he killed—oh man I wish, I really fucked with, you know I fuck with the intro hardbody.

“T.I. really like, what’s that one record called? That one record on Urban Legend that was... It was a real serious record. I think it’s called ‘Tryin For Help’ or some shit like that... ‘Prayin For Help,’ there you go, ‘Prayin For Help.’ That’s the record called, ‘Prayin For Help.’ Like, he was really providing real content in his music that people could relate to from all walks of life, and that’s what made it ill, and that album, that was really like The World Is Yours. That was his, you know what I mean, his holy grail right there.

“On top of that, he was the one that started the whole—I don’t want to say he started that, but he brought the whole trap music, he brought the whole trap reference to the spotlight. I think it kind of fucked it up, cause it’s like, people’s whole outlook on trap music is Young Jeezy over a Shawty Redd beat or Gucci Mane over a Zaytoven beat, and that’s not what trap music is. Trap music is like southern rap music that talks about the stuff about dopeboy shit, about hustling, you know what I’m saying? That’s what his second album, Trap Muzik, you feel me?

“That shit [techno trap remix DJs] I hope they all crawl up in a hole and die. Like the whole LA scene and shit needs to just die, please. That shit is just so insulting. All the records, I don’t care. All the trap beat days on soundcloud, they got to go. They’re really the worst. They took a music that was so beautiful and so great, and they just took that shit to hell. Trap is always going to be the trap, but that shit is just—they making a mockery of that shit.”