Label: Draper Inc. Records

A$AP Yams: “I think a slept on album that everybody should listen to is MJG debut solo album called No More Glory. It came out in 97. The only reason I remember that motherfucker is he had a video with Stacey Dash, and Stacey Dash was his love interest in that motherfucker. I’m like, ‘Oh, MJG is out here!’ But that album is just so dope, cause he went away from his normal 808s and samples and soul music and 70s and some black exploitation films, and rapping about the pimp shit. That kind sits on the Organized Noize sound a little bit more, where he was a little more self-conscious and shit like that. I think MJG is one of the most slept on rappers of all time. For real, like.

“I didn’t listen to that album till like, I would say 2004, cause I still remember the songs from back in the day, he had that, he had the Stacey Dash video, and I think they remade the cameo joint, where they was riding around in the Cadillac, just like ‘Candy’ joint. That was my early memories of 8Ball and MJG. But that was definitely a dope ass album as far as southern far albums are concerned.”