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A$AP Yams: “I feel like, now that albums aren’t as appreciated as much as they did, you know albums drop for free on the internet, they not mixtapes. I think every year, or so, a project comes out that sets the standard for the sound, for rap for the rest of the year, you know what I’m saying? You have certain artists that just fucking killed everything that year. Then you have like Fresh Made that came out. Live Love A$AP that came out, that inspires everybody—I don’t want to say rap like us—to experiment with that sound as well.

“That was the first time that an album came out in New York, in a long-time that was really able to change the whole fucking environment of rap, or something like that. Feel me? Like the fact that a New York rapper was able to do that, that was amazing to me. Cause they thought that New York rap would never come back. In this day, there hasn’t been a New York rapper to really take it, and that’s such a high pedestal right now, the expectations. That everything that drops after Live.Love.A$AP, we’re pretty much fucked. Hopefully we won’t do that.”

“It’s all about taking it to the next level, you know what I mean? We want to make sure Long Live sounds like a movie, and it does like. It sounds like that next step that we’re supposed to take. That’s forever going to be our baby though, that Live.Love.A$AP.”