Lil Durk: "This my favorite song right here. Me, Reesey, Fredo, and Chop was there. 'Chop, start making the beat.' We were fucking with Gucci Mane. We started coming up with the chorus piece by piece. It just took off. This is my favorite song. OTF and GBE. That’s how we was right there."

"OTF is Only The Family. GBE, that’s the main shit. OTF, that was for the streets. I brought attention to it and that’s how we started it. I wanted to make an opportunity for my niggas. Actually, it was originally supposed to be [like] MMG. I rock with Meek Mill. I rock with Wale. They got a label deal just like we wanted to do. But I got a single deal, but we gotta do a label deal. When it work out then we go."