Hudson Mohawke: "That was one that I'd basically done already."

Lunice: "Yeah."

Hudson Mohawke: "It wasn’t intended for anything. It was actually made for a rapper or something like that."

Lunice: "It's very simple in its capacity."

Hudson Mohawke: "I played it myself a couple of times. I’d been DJing and I was like, ‘I’m not going to put this track out myself.’ Because we don’t have the record coming out anytime soon, and it’s probably not smart to put out one of my own records, so both of us were like, ‘Yeah, we can both work on this record.’"

Lunice: "It was mostly him."

Hudson Mohawke: "He did a few parts on that."

Lunice: "Yeah."

Hudson Mohawke: "But, most of it was there already, to be honest."

Lunice: "Yeah, exactly. Basically, the whole feel."