Lupe Fiasco has caught some attention for his views on the problems in hip-hop culture.  The most recent incident was his response to Chief Keef allegedly calling him out on Twitter, which he discussed how the street mentality can wear a person down. He then contemplated to quit rapping, but would later shout out Keef during a performance in Toronto that ended any talks of a beef.

Still, Lupe’s vision of changing hip-hop’s artistic direction has shown support from Kanye West, who tweeted a link to his latest single, "Bitch, Bad." Now, the upstart Casey Veggies has co-signed Lupe’s importance in hip-hop.

In a conversation with Veggies on Twitter, the Chicago rapper shares some knowledge on what he thinks could help better the landscape.  Lupe also hints that the two could end up in the studio together very soon, saying, “That @CaseyVeggies is what the game needs right now...when you ready im here...until then keep up the good work.” Check out the conversation below.