Havoc and Prodigy certainly aren't on the greatest terms right now, especially since Hav confirmed in a recent interview that the Twitter beef between them from earlier this year was real. On Havoc's first single "Same Sh*t, Different Day," off his upcoming solo album 13, it seemed as though he was throwing some shots at Pee. And now, on his new song "Separated (Real From The Fake)," the possible shots continue to fly. Havoc doesn't say Prodigy's name, but it's pretty clear that's who he's talking about with bars like the ones below:

You sounding real sentimental and soft in ya hooks/Can’t believe how this nigga dressin get nauseaus when I look/20/20 vision but had to take another look/Woulda thought it was fiction like the motherfuckin book/Keep using them 48 Laws wrong you get murked/Used to spit bars but now you just chirp/Like a lovebird, and most of ya album is for the lovebirds, son you wildin/I’ll keep it a thousand, you trying on blouses.

Listen to "Separated (Real From The Fake)" below, and also check out Havoc's appearance on The Combat Jack Show where he talks about the current state of Mobb Deep in depth.

Listen: Havoc "Separated (Real From The Fake)" 

[via NahRight]