We heard Blood Diamonds collaborate with Grimes on their L$D supergroup song "Don't Smoke My Blunt B*tch" which also features Kreayshawn and Tragik, and they also recently joined forces on the title track to Blood Diamonds' Phone Sex EP. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes, Blood Diamonds went into more detail about his friendship with Claire aka Grimes, who he met at a show they were both performing at outside Montreal. Here's what he had to say: 

After the show she wrote a really nice blog post about me and I thought it was cute, so I emailed her and we kept in touch. Finally she came back to Vancouver and we started going to parties and hanging out. Eventually we made a track together which ended up being 'Phone Sex.'

He added, about what they like to do together:

We play StarCraft and then just geek out about records. Claire watches us and makes commentary; she will say stuff like, ‘These aliens look like Katy Perry aliens!’ It is a huge deal in Korea and it is very competitive. There are professional StarCraft players and it is televised every Saturday.

Read the full interview here.

[via Pigeons & Planes]