A History of Kanye West Album Delays

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Release Date: November 22, 2010

After releasing first single "Power" in May, Kanye made his first TV appearance since Swift-gate and performed it at the 2010 BET Awards in June. That summer, an often suited Kanye joined Twitter, visiting their headquarters and Facebook’s to recite rhymes from his then untitled album, slated for a September 14 release.

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On July 29, he announced that its title would not follow the school theme of his previous efforts. “The album is no longer called 'Good Ass Job,'" Kanye tweeted. "I'm bouncing a couple of titles around now.” A few days later, the album was given an October 12 release date, but it wasn’t until October 5 that he revealed the set’s title.

The next release date announced was November 22, and it stuck. It was the second time he'd drop an album on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

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