The Making of Control System

Ab-Soul: “What I'll say is it's real big on tying everything in. Like I continue to say, make connections. Control System is a project that I did to try and get people that like 2 Chainz and people that like Canibus and put it all together. For example, I did a song called ‘Pineal Gland.’ I really got a sense of what I was doing. I really got a sense of tying it all in.

“Even the artwork of the cover, the tree of life—it's just about taking different forces and bringing them together to make one collective. There is a lot of references on the project from a lot of my favorite artists and quotes from my favorite cliches and popular things from Kreayshawn to....I tried to go all across the board with the references so I could connect.

“I even was reading up on Basquiat and they were saying he was real big on references. He made references to a lot of his favorite artists, Leonardo, guys like that. It's the same art. This is an art form. We apply the same dynamics. That's how you tie it all in. I got these guys over here that know about the pineal gland and they are like, ‘Yo, that's crazy that you would do a song about the pineal gland.’

“And then you got the guys on the complete other side that say, ‘That shit is just hard. What's a pineal gland?’ That's what Control System is about. You ask the question, ‘What is a pineal gland?’ Because you like the song you might want to ask somebody what a pineal gland is. Feel me?”