Music Links of The Day 5/10/12

Music Links of The Day 5/10/12

The Beastie Boys' roots were really in punk rock. Read this memory shared of MCA at CBGB's. [via Mass Appeal]

Meek Mill's pure talent is overshadowed on Dreamchasers 2 by its enormous buzz and slew of guest appearances. [via MTV Hive]

Jermaine Paul, a former Alicia Keys backup singer, is triumphant on the season finale of The Voice. [via New York Times]

A look at the hype surrounding Kitty Pryde and the state of the online music world. [via Pigeons&Planes]

In tribute to Teacher Appreciation Week, read ten classic KRS-One quotes. [via egotripland]

Wait, did Queen Latifah come out of the closet or not? [via Vice]

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