Large Professor Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records (Part 1)

Big Daddy Kane “Niggaz Never Learn” (1993)

Album: Looks Like a Job For...

Label: Cold Chillin’/Reprise/Warner Bros.

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “That was originally supposed to be a remix for ‘Prince of Darkness,’ I think. That’s a funny story. That was when I was puffin’ mad weed. Rush Management was like, ‘Go to the studio, they want you to do a remix for Kane.’ But I had to get my weed before then.

“So I had to go to Palmetto. I was in the cab, and I brought Neek with me. And I was like two hours late. So I got to the studio, and when I came, I had my drum machine, my weed, and everything I needed. And Mister Cee, he was at the door. And he was like, ‘Yo, you’re a little late. Let’s get to work.’


I got in the door, and Kane was sitting on the couch. He had on a hoodie, with the hood on, his fuckin’ boxers, and a 64 ounce of beer.


“And I got in the door, and Kane was sitting on the couch. He had on a hoodie, with the hood on, his fuckin’ boxers, and a 64 ounce of beer. [Laughs.] Yo! I came in, and I said, ‘Yo man, I here. I’m ready to go.’ I didn’t know him. I was up at Cold Chillin’ so we knew of each other, but I had never met him.

“So I’m starting to hook shit up. And he’s like, ‘Yo, turn that shit off for a minute.’ Kane was dead serious, like, ‘What the fuck happened, man? I been in here [for a while]. What’s up?’ I’m like, ‘Yo, my bad, man. I had to go over here, and go over there and shit.’ And he was like, ‘Yo, don’t fuck around. I’m not that nigga.’ He was on some real shit! All I could say was, ‘My bad, man.’ He was like, ‘Yo, I’m telling you, I’m gonna call Francesca [at Rush], and I’m gonna let her know.’

“So I said some shit like, ‘Yo man, Are we gonna work or what?’ And he was like, ‘Go ahead. But I’m gonna let Fran know.’ But yo! [Laughs.] He had the hoodie on with the boxers, and the 64-ounce beer. Kane was flamboyant. He was comfortable at all times.

“I wish it would have been a better, bigger collaboration. I put it together, [thinking] it was for the ‘Prince of Darkness’ remix. But he flipped it, and made it a new song. Then Mister Cee [put all the vocal samples on the hook].

“Everything was smooth, and everything was compensated, but that was crazy, man. I never [had a chance to laugh about it with him, though]. I saw him at Rock Steady one time, and I was standing next to him, and he was like, ‘Yo, what up man. Lookin’ good.’ And that was it, like, ‘Yo, Big Daddy.’ [Laughs.]

“That shit really had my heart beating [though when it happened]. It was like, ‘Oh shit, I pissed Kane off. I got Kane mad right now. He’s upset with me. Damn, man.’ But we just worked, got puffed out and everything. That was a long session. I probably got there at like [midnight], but we broke up out of there at like seven in the morning.”

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