Producer: DJ Quik
Album: It's About Time
Label: WIDEawake/Death Row

DJ Quik: “When I met Danny and them, they had that style. Chicagoans, they just have a thing. It's so tasteful and classy. It's not grimy. It seems like it could be, because Chicago's hood too. But it was just classy, churchy and vibey.

"So when Danny was showing me how to step, you know, back then, I was looking at his feet. And I started to do music to his dance steps. Him and his friend Stacy Smallie. I'm watching them groove, and it was incredible, what can I say? It was pretty awesome.

"I wrote the song to his dance steps. That's how it panned out. The tempo was up. It was moving, pushing. You could two-step to it. He pretty much taught me how to two-step. 

"I kind of kept that. I inherited that. Any day now I can write a step record. Actually I got a record out called 'Get Down,' which inspired the DJ Quik gangsta slide. So steppin' is in my heart.”