Nicki Minaj is an exhibitionist in all aspects, but never more than when she's on the red carpet. Since her early days of fame, we've seen her style evolve from video vixen chic to one of the most enjoyably cartoonish looks around. Now, with her newest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in stores, Nicki is pushing the fashion envelope more than ever.

This year alone, we've seen her rock a nun costume with the "Pope" as her accessory and she hypnotized us with daring outfits on our own 10th anniversary issue cover. At this point, we're convinced she'll wear anything, which is why we decided to come up with a few options that she might fancy. These are our suggestions for the 5 Crazy Outfits Nicki Minaj Should Wear complete with a mock-up of how they could be executed.

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