Twitter: @HAIMtheband
From: Los Angeles, California
Pros: The "three sisters in a band" thing will grab people's attention, and the music will hold it.
Cons: Some guys might find it hard to get into dance-y pop made by three sisters.

Haim "Forever"

When you see pictures of the three sisters Haim, they look too cool to care, like they're already famous. And they've got reason to be confident. The young siblings could pass for a '60s folk band, which makes it even more surprising when you press play. It all starts to make a little more sense when the retro pop act explains that one of their major influences is '90s R&B, and the result is evident in tracks like "Forever."

The emphasis always stays on the charismatic vocals, but you'll find it hard not to move along with the bouncy guitar work and disco-like groove. If you saw the Haims and were hoping for some Joni Mitchell, you're going to be in for a surprise—but not a disappointment.