Producer: Shorty B
Album: Cocktails
Label: Jive

Too $hort: “I always think of concepts for my album covers. You gotta have an album cover concept as well as the songs gotta be the shit, but the album cover has to be creative and interesting. I was in the airport and I saw a little bar and it said, 'Cocktails.' I said, 'Now that's funny if you spell it like C-o-c-k and then t-a-l-e-s: Cocktales.'

"We decided to name the album that, with the graphics and the girls in the martini glasses. We spelled it the proper way—like the drink—on the cover, but if you look at the title of the song we spelled it 'Cock Tales'—two words. And 'Cock Tales,' that was like 'Freaky Tales' part three, part four, whatever the fuck. Same shit. Then I got to shoot a video to it, using my same Cadillac from the 'I'm a Player' video."