Album: Word Of Mouf
Label: Disturbing Tha Peace/Def Jam
Producer: KLC

Mystikal: “I did that one on tour. I pulled the tour bus over, went in the studio, smashed it and continued to wreck cities. That's how that one came about. 'Move' was originally my beat. I had first dibs on that because KL did that beat and that was my home team. That's the guy that does meat and potatoes for my albums; they do my core stuff. So I don't know how I missed it.

“But once he submitted it to Luda and Luda jumped on and put that hook on it… aww yeah. It didn't sound like the same beat. I was super excited to be on that song. You couldn't tell? Shit. At that time Ludacris and Ja Rule and guys like that—we couldn't miss each other. I don't give a fuck if I went to London. 'Damn, Ja. You over here too?' [Sings in Ja Rule voice] 'My baby…'"