Album: Ghetto Fabulous
Label: No Limit Records/Jive
Producer: O'Dell

Mystikal: “First of all I want to apologize to all of the parents in America. [Laughs.] Listen, I just want them parents and preachers and everybody that's anti-drug uh...was it Nancy Reagan that was the queen of Just Say No and all that shit? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Do you know how many motherf*ckers come up to me like, ‘Maan I smoked to that and I got in trouble behind it!’ ‘I'm sorry, bro. That wasn't my intention.’


“Do you know how many motherfuckers come up to me like, 'Maan I smoked to that and I got in trouble behind it!' 'I'm sorry, bro. That wasn't my intention.' I just was having fucking fun and that's why we gotta be mindful.

“I caught myself trying to be responsible so that's why I only did one verse. I said, 'I'm not gonna dedicate a whole song [to weed], it'll only be the interlude. I can't be supporting weed like this.' I was conscious of that when I was doing it, but I was definitely smoking too when I was doing it. So I wasn't feeling too bad about it.

“I had to pay homage to it. The potheads they already know how that shit was. Or you know, how it is. I gotta say 'was' because I can't smoke no more [now that I'm out on probation]. Matter of fact that's the name of the new one, 'Can't Smoke No' Mo'.' It's funny how the ball bounce sometime.”