Yesterday on The Angie Martinez Show, French Montana made some comments that had the internet talking. He jokingly said the he thinks Drake really wants to fight Common, and he also explained that the reason he didn't sign with Kanye West was because Kanye doesn't have a cell phone. We spoke with French Montana today and gave him the chance to clear the air.

On the Common & Drake feud

"Shout out to Drake, shout out to Common. It’s good for hip hop. You need it sometimes."

"There’s nothing wrong with it. I said it I was playing around. But they ran with it like Drake really told me he wanted to fight or something. It was just a joke."

"I feel like, you know, rap is like a sport and if it wasn’t for stuff like that, it would just be boring, you know?


I feel like, you know, rap is like a sport and if it wasn’t for stuff like that, it would just be boring, you know?


"Like the best part of a movie is the action part. So that’s what it is—we're all in a movie and the best part is....go at it, you know."

On comments about Kanye

"On Angie when I said Kanye didn’t have no phone and they told me I had to email him this and that. That kind of stuck out to me and I think that’s some real intelligent shit man, 'cause at the end of the day when you wake up—especially when you somebody as big, whatever level you on, most of the phone calls you gonna get is just people asking for shit—people just putting you in a bad mood so it fucks up your whole energy. So, I kind of really respect that. That would be something I would really wanna do but I just can’t do it now at this level, cause I still need to be in tune with people and get what I need to get. But I think for a person like him, that’s some real clever shit."

You said during the interview you don’t email at all, right?

"Nah, he emailed—he got contact over email."

But you don’t email.

"But I don’t email nobody like on conversations—nah, I don’t do that. I feel like emails—you got a lot of stuff done but you driving all day, you just wanna get one conversation in like let’s get it. Little text and this and that—took 2 hours and..."

So you don’t really text either.

"Nah I text but I like talking to people. Sometimes the way you text stuff, people take it the wrong way."

Right, 'cause you can’t tell how anybody means anything...

"Yeah, the tone - you gotta watch the tone."

Interview by Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)