Album: Death Certificate
Producer: Boogiemen, Ice Cube
Label: Priority Records
Lyric: "Police, eat a dick straight up!" "Look here you little goddamn nigger, your not gafflin nobody. You fuckin understand me? That's right, get down on the goddamn ground now. Fuckin' move now." (Let me take a shot at him!) "We're gonna do you like King." "What goddamn King?" "Rodney King, Martin Luther King, and all the other god damn King's from Africa." "Look out motherfucker!"

This racist police skit comes at the end of "My Summer Vacation," setting the stage for "Steady Mobbin." A censored version (with no gunshots fired at cops) opens the "Steady Mobbin" video. Although Cube doesn't shout out MLK himself on the track, his message could not be clearer. The track appeared on his second solo album, which was released on November 6, 1991—right between Rodney King's beating by LAPD officers on March 3, 1991 and April 29, 1992, when the jury's not guilty verdict set off the L.A. Riots. So much for nonviolence.