Drake's Producer Noah "40" Shebib Takes Shots At Common

Drake's Producer Noah "40" Shebib Takes Shots At Common

This morning, radio personality Devon Anjelica of Sway In The Morning had an interview with Common, and he apparently confirmed what a lot of people were already thinking about his new song "Sweet":

Now Drake's right-hand man and longtime friend/producer Noah "40" Shebib has fired back with a couple of Tweets:

Right now, the reasons behind the "beef" are pretty unclear. It could be all about the music, but we thought about it for a minute, and could there be another motive behind it all?

We know Common had a thing with tennis superstar Serena Williams back in the day, and lately Drake and Serena have been spending some time together and being a little flirtatious. Could that have anything to do with this? We'll see how it plays out. 

UPDATE: In Noah's latest Tweet, he insists that his comments weren't disses:

UPDATE 2: The video of Common's Sway In The Morning interview is now online. Watch it here.

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