Murderer: Andre 3000

Album: Underground Kings
Label: Zomba Music Group
Producer: DJ Paul/Juicy J
Cold Cases: Drake's "The Real Her," Devin the Dude's "What A Job,"

Before the song goes into super crunk mode, "International Players Anthem" is set off by one of the best lyricists to ever rise from the Dirty Dirty—not to mention hip-hop, period. Andre weaves a clever story detailing the complexity of the opposite sex over some horns and a church choir. It's a perfect set-up right before the bass drops in, Pimp C sets off his verse, and the song blasts that church into rubble. The only bad news is that this song started 3 Stacks' habit of focusing on crazy guest verses. Years later, there's still no solo album in sight. Guess we're going to have to keep bumping The Love Below a little longer.