Producer: RZA
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Label: Loud

Nas was the first ever non–Wu Gambino to infiltrate the Clan, on the song "Verbal Intercourse," and the respect shown wasn't lost on him: The invited guest delivers one of his greatest verses, reflecting on, amongst various crime-related things, the loyal wives and girlfriends of incarcerated scarfaces: "Rooster-heads profile on the bus to Riker's Isle/Holdin' weed inside their pussies with their minds on the pretty things in life/Props is a true thug's wife."

Ghostface Killah, seemingly stirred by the strangely nostalgic, busted-up Emotions loop, also partially raps about prison, providing lurid descriptions of a dude getting bashed for trying to turn the channel on the TV inside the dayroom. His ability to weave in and out of first-, second-, and third-person narrative is a Wu trait he excels at, acting out scenarios with different voices ("Infirmary niggas are screamin', 'I got juxed!'"). As Rae promises, there's "no tricks" in this episode, just the realness.