Station: Hot 97
DJ: Funkmaster Flex
Best Punchline: "I heard Irv tried to sign Shyne, so I ain't got no love for him/Tell'em 50 said he soft, he won't shoot up the club again." (50 Cent)
Part 1

Part 2

After having a breakout year in 2003, 50 accumulated everything he'd ever desired: rap superstardom and piles of money. Hate it or love it, the underdog was on top. Did the success calm Curtis, and stop him from attacking other rappers? Actually, it did quite the opposite.

With the Guerrilla Unit in tow, 50 dropped by Funkmaster Flex's show and fired off on a whole new cast of characters, including then–jail bird Shyne. And despite scoring a huge hit with Lil Kim on “Magic Stick,” 50 went on the offensive, cutting deeper than any plastic surgeon: “I wrote Magic Stick/I gave Kim a hit/ When I wouldn't shoot the video, she threw a lil' fit/Got emotional and shit/ Now this I don't get/ Why would I care about your emotions?/You're not my bitch.”

The freestyles were so slanderous, Flex finally had to cut them off and declare, “This is all in fun and music.”