Buckwild: “That was on a CD meant for Fat Joe. I remember Armageddon calling me saying, ‘Yo, I went back and listened to the beat CD you gave Joe, which had ‘Lifestyle,’ and heard that Jadakiss beat.’ So I don’t even know how Jada got the beat. He said he just found the beat on a CD. I was like, ‘Damn, I don’t even remember shopping that beat.’ But when he told me he got it, I came into the studio, and we cut the record.

“Some artists are producers in their own right, kind of like how Biggie was. Jadakiss is one of those dudes. He knows how he wants it to sound, and the record came out dope. And a lot of people like the first three records on [The Last Kiss], that were produced by me, Neo da Matrix, and Swizz. So hopefully on this upcoming album I could work on more records with Jada.”