Produced by: Just Blaze
Complex says: Another Just Blaze banger and, just like the first track, the beat is sonically in the same vein as Just Blaze's "Exhibit C." Similar to how The Megatron Don brought a level of soul to Jay Electronica's instant classic by sampling Billy Stewart's "Cross My Heart," the sample on this track harmonizes in the background as Sai Giddy raps about how you're practically invited to grab guns and sell drugs in the hood. Clever lines aside ("They focus is/Trying to make sure the blacks stay in the back, same place as the scoliosis is"), Q-Tip hops on the hook and keeps it hip-hop, chanting, "And you don't stop." Towards the end we expected Just Blaze to get on the track and talk shit again, but instead Fatman Scoop jumps out of the bushes to hype the track up even more.