We typically use the column "Indie Intro" to introduce our rap-centric readers to some of our favorite indie rock bands, but that ain't all that's going on in the world of independent music. Kansas City, Missouri rapper Aaron "Tech N9ne" Yates has quietly amassed a rabid following over the last decade, all while barely registering on the radar of the average hip-hop fan. Who the fuck is this guy who raps fast and dresses like a killer clown, anyway?

It looks like Tech might not be a hip-hop secret for long—in a recent interview with Funkmaster Flex from prison, Lil' Wayne was asked who he wants to collaborate with when he gets out, and he responded, "I really want to do a song with either Andre 3000 or my man Tech N9ne." A Weezy/Tech collabo definitely makes sense—both artists are known as lyrical giants, both have unorthodox styles, and both have an affinity for the color red—and it would expose the underground king to a completely new audience. Before the rap world completely jumps on his dick, Complex put together a beginner's guide to Tech N9ne so you can act like you know...

LISTEN: Tech N9ne "Red Nose" (2009)

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