Well, it's official: Prince is a genius. After the Eagles and AC/DC posted huge numbers last year releasing albums exclusively through a Walmart, Prince signed on to release a three-album set for sale only at Target. Mark our words: he'll be platinum by June.

The trend got us thinking that some of these struggling rookie rappers could benefit from the strategy. Granted, big dog retailers like Best Buy and Target probably won't cut exclusive deals with newcomers like Kid Cudi and Asher Roth, but we thought of some less obvious stores that might jump at the chance. Read on to see marketing plans for ten of our favorite up-and-coming MCs...

Album Sold Exclusively At: Whole Foods
Sales Promotion: Get the album for 20% more than it would cost anywhere else! What?! It was recorded organically. Be cool, man.

Album Sold Exclusively At: 7-11
Sales Promotion: The Lonely Stoner Special: Buy the album and get half off a footlong/Big Gulp combo. Don't worry--we're open day and night!

Album Sold Exclusively At: International Male
Sales Promotion: Type in promo code PIERCINGGREENEYES at checkout and get a free sample of Drake's new cologne, Eau D'Grassi.

Album Sold Exclusively At: The Apple Store
Sales Promotion: Goes great with every other cool-but-overhyped piece of electronica. Baby Mama Drama Lightning Deal: Trade in any common Zune and get an autographed picture of Erykah and Jay's baby!

Album Sold Exclusively At: Gamestop
Sales Promotion: Walk out of the store now and preserve the chances of losing your virginity!

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