Lil B Says Warriors Will Beat Thunder, Reminds Everyone Kevin Durant Is Still Cursed

The Based God's curse lives, as Lil B says the Golden State Warriors will beat the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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With Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals pitting the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Golden State WarriorsLil B wants to remind you Kevin Durant is still cursed. Over the weekend, Lil B informed everyone of his plans regarding the Warriors. 

I'm going to ask " The BasedGod " about the Warriors and send blessings to the whole team again and again @warriors @OracleArena - Lil B


Lil B hopped on Twitter Monday night to predict the Warriors will win this upcoming series (of course!) and oh yeah, Durant is still under The Based God's curse. 

Just got word from " The BasedGod " that the thunder will not be beating the Warriors in the playoffs series,Durant is still cursed - Lil B


Back in 2011, Durant threw some shade at Lil B on Twitter, saying he "can't believe this guy is relevant." KD's remark found its way to The Based God, who challenged him to a game of 1-on-1. After the Thunder star forward rejected his offer, Lil B cursed him, adding that he "will never win the title."

Five years later, Durant hasn't won a championship. The Thunder came close in 2012, losing to the Miami Heat in the Finals in five games. If KD wants, at least, a slim chance of defeating the Warriors in this series, it would be in his best interest to reach out to the Based God to play that game of 1-on-1 in his downtime. 

You've been warned, KD.

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