Nipsey Hussle isn’t holding his tongue.

On Monday night, the 32-year-old rapper called out Bay Area reporters for mocking and laughing at Diddy’s ambitions to own the Carolina Panthers. Diddy announced his intentions to buy the team over the weekend, shortly after Jerry Richardson revealed he was selling the franchise in light of sexual misconduct allegations brought against him. Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry told Diddy they wanted in on the deal.

“They’re gonna get it. Yeah, they’re gonna get that,”Nipsey told TMZ Sports. “First NFL black team owners. Puff, Kaepernick—Hussle might donate a couple dollars to it. Bet on that.”

He then issued a warning to KRON4 reporters Henry Wofford and Darya Folsom: “Fuck the nigga on the news that was woofing that shit. We gonna catch you and beat your ass,” he said. “And we got some homegirls for that bitch, too.”

During Folsom’s The World According to Darya segment, Wofford addressed Diddy’s NFL aspirations with a thick coating of disrespect. The reporter wrote off the hip-hop mogul’s tweet, insisting the offer shouldn't be taken seriously because Diddy looked like he was on drugs and drunk.

“The guy looks high right there in this video. He looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40. Come on, I’m not taking him seriously,” Wofford said. “Diddy’s drinking and smoking right now. The man was in another world.”

Unlike most of us, Folsom appeared to be very amused by Wofford’s comments. It’s also important to note that she questioned Diddy’s ability to afford the Panthers earlier in the segment.

“The problem is—I checked—Diddy is only worth $800 million and the Panthers are valued at $1 billion,” she said.

Nippsey made sure to put both of them in check on social media, writing: “I’m offended to my core. And both these clowns can’t even pay the water bill at one of @diddy estates...but THEY CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUS? […] @diddy I HOPE THEY MOTIVATED U EVEN MORE AND WHEN U BECOME THE 1st Blac @NFL owner we gone only wear Yo team jerseys and make sure u get a super bowl trophy!!! Fucc these bitches and this whole way of thinking.”

Wofford has since issued a public apology for his moronic comments.

“I realize insinuating a person may be drunk or on drugs is nothing to joke about. For that I sincerely apologize to Mr. Combs, his fans and everyone who was offended,” he wrote in part. “Dozens of Diddy’s twitter followers have accused me of playing on racial stereotypes. That was not my goal. But I understand my comments had that impact and for that I sincerely apologize.”