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Footage captured the frightening moment when a tornado hit a car dealership in Pennsylvania and ripped off its roof. 

The Courier Times reports that the second of two tornados touched down in Bensalem shortly after 7 p.m. where the auto dealership was located. Joanne Szupka recalled what occurred inside the dealership as the tornado wrecked havoc while she hid underneath a desk. “I heard the alarm on my phone and it was seconds later that we felt something happening to the building,” Szupka said, adding, “The whole thing lasted like 90 seconds.”

Covered in soot, Szupka said she had to be pulled out of the building. While she turned out to be fine, the same can’t be said for her car, which was inside the dealership. 

Anthony Perez, an employee at the Faulkner auto dealership, said he received an alert on his phone mere “seconds” before the tornado came barreling through. Perez, fellow workers, and a few customers sought shelter in a nearby vehicle. “The car was the only thing that saved us,” a customer said. “It protected us.” 

According to CBS Philly, all employees from the dealership have been accounted for. Bill Rollin, the director for emergency alerts for Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, declared the scene to be a mass casualty incident, which occurs when three or more people have been injured. Rollin thinks anywhere between three and 20 people were impacted by the tornado.