Noted Donald Trump supporter Linda Zeurn of Bourne, Massachusetts, who spread numerous coronavirus-related conspiracy theories, has died of complications from COVID-19, the Cape Cod Times reports.

Per the outlet, the 70-year-old was a member of the pro-Trump group United Cape Patriots, which had consistently helped propagate conspiracy theories throughout the pandemic. She was also known for volunteering on various boards in town, and served three terms on the Bourne of Selectmen. Among the stories she shared included one that alleged that the World Health Organization was involved in a cover-up related to COVID-19, which the article called the “Wuhan Virus,” as Raw Story points out. 

According to a friend of hers, she had been hospitalized with the virus in June this year. She was in a coma on a ventilator until her death, and was not vaccinated against COVID-19. “She was a strong woman who believed in speaking the truth and defending our freedoms in America,” said Republican State Committeewoman Deborah Dugan. “I would describe her to people as a little woman but a mighty warrior.”

Zeurn also expressed support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Satantic pedophiles run a global sex trafficking ring that also worked to discredit Trump during his time in the White House. Among similar lines, she promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, which had been widely debunked. Trump famously promoted the drug himself before the onset of vaccines were approved for use in the United States, and Zeurn questioned why doctors weren’t allowed to use the medicine on those battling the virus.

Zeurn and her mother reportedly contracted COVID-19 following a trip to South Dakota, but her mother made a recovery.