Man Threatens to Jump Off Building Because He Lost His iPhone 6

Man loses iPhone 6, threatens to jump off building.

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While your biggest Apple-related issue may be deciding whether or not you're getting the iPhone 7, feeling miserable about the fact you won't be able to cop it in jet black, other people are dealing with bigger problems. A man in China was so torn up about losing his iPhone 6 that he threatened to jump off a building, reported the Daily Mail.

The would-be jumper was caught on video Sept. 9, on the 25th floor balcony of a building in Shijiazhuang. In the video, the man in the blue is seen standing with his back against a glass window as police tried to talk to him down. The video shows that while that's going on, another group of police head out onto the balcony to get closer. Police then managed to bring the man down and pull him inside.


Authorities took the man to a police station to be "checked over." Once there, the man told police losing his iPhone 6 days before led him to attempt suicide. Police then helped the man find his phone.

In June, another man's suicide attempt also ended happily, and with Mexican food to boot! A suicidal man in Mexico who felt alone after moving to a new city was talked down by police, who then kindly offered to buy him tacos.

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