A video circulating over the weekend showed alleged thieves driving their car into an SUV before robbing the vehicle’s driver of $20,000, the New York Post reports.

The incident, which unfolded in the Upper East Side, involved a Mercedes and a Rav4. As seen in the video above, the Mercedes catches up to the Rav4 before ramming into it, causing the SUV to spin out directly into an intersection.

That’s when the Rav4 attempts to flee, despite the fact that there are pedestrians everywhere. 

But things only continue to escalate when the Mercedes hits the SUV once again. From there, a man with a gun can be seen leaping from the Mercedes and attacking the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Police are currently looking for a suspect who stole $20,000 from the driver of the SUV. They added that the driver ditched his vehicle a few blocks away from the incident.