Nigerian Police Received Anonymous Tip, Found $43 Million In An Upscale Apartment

Nigerian police found $43 million in an upscale apartment earlier this week.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

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Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

Nigerian police this week found $43 million in an upscale apartment in Nigeria. You read that correctly—$43 million.

The discovery happened Tuesday after the Nigerian anti-corruption unit received a tip. A person said there was a “haggard” woman in “dirty clothes” who was taking bags in and out of the apartment, and it seemed suspicious.

When the cops showed up, they found…well, a ton of money. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission posted a video of them counting the money: $43 million USD, 23.2 million naira (Nigerian currency worth $75,000), and 27,800 pounds (worth $35,000). The money was “neatly arranged” inside cabinets that were hidden behind a bedroom wardrobe, according to CNN.

So, what was the money being used for? We aren’t exactly sure, but it seems shady. The commission says the funds are “suspected to be proceeds of unlawful activity.”

No arrests pertaining to the bust have yet been made. Nigeria introduced a new whistleblower policy in December that credits tip-givers. Whistleblowers can anonymously provide information securely, and if their information leads to the police recovering stolen public funds, the whistleblower can receive 2.5-5 percent of the money recovered.

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