Time stamp: 36:44

"You know, I don't know what's in his heart but I do know that he is OK with racist rhetoric," Obama said when asked whether he himself considered Trump to be a racist. "I do know that racial groups or racist groups have embraced him and when asked to condemn them he's been unwilling to."

Obama, however, is more interested in holding elected leaders at large accountable for their actions than he is in attempting to figure out why someone like Trump is who they are.

"When asked about anti-lynching legislation and other civil rights legislation, people said, 'Well, that's not gonna change somebody's heart and change their minds.' And [Martin Luther King Jr.] said, 'You know, that's alright as long as the law stops them from lynching me. I'm OK with that.' And that's my attitude. I'm less interested in figuring out the psychology of what a Donald Trump is than I am in making sure that our elected leaders are on the side of not discriminating against people, not being biased, not directing hate crimes against folks. And if you can't simply and clearly say there's a right and a wrong when it comes to these issues, I've got a problem with that."