An Ohio woman recently created a scene at the Department of Motor Vehicles when she refused to put on a face covering while inside the building. Oh, and she wanted anyone she interacted with to know that she was there “accompanying her boyfriend,” who actually showed up with a mask on. 

According to International Business Times, the woman, who has been identified as Anna Peric, started recording herself after she was told to leave the DMV in Mentor, Ohio because she didn’t want to wear a face covering. When the supervisor stepped in for another employee, Peric's boyfriend, Marc, stressed that he was there to just renew the registration for his vehicles, and wanted to disassociate himself from Peric and her own agenda. 

The supervisor tried to diffuse the situation by claiming that she needed to wait outside because there was an occupancy limit issue. Once again, Peric refused to leave, asking to see their occupancy permit.

The supervisor tells her that she cannot remain on the premises because of the state mandate which requires people wear a face covering. “It’s a mandate. It’s not a law. Your job is not to enforce mandates,” she responds. 

After Peric walked back to accompany her boyfriend, the supervisor returned to let her know that he was going to be calling the police. Now Marc was trying to talk some sense into her, saying, “The cops are going to come here. You don’t want that shit again,” suggesting that this isn’t the first time her actions have caused the police to get involved. 

Peric later shared her account of the incident at the DMV, arguing that the supervisor cannot make her wear a mask because he “cannot tell me what to do with my body.” She said that when the authorities arrived, she waited for Marc to come outside by the officer’s car to avoid anyone confronting her for not wearing a mask.