The stock price for "Karen" as a sobriquet for entitled white women is through the stratosphere. Just days after one such Karen in NYC's Central Park went viral for threatening to call the cops on a black man who requested she follow park rules and keep her dog on a leash, another woman people are labeling "Parking Lot Karen" has gone viral on TikTok.

The woman in the video can be seen attempting to reach the phone recording her as she physically blocks a driver from getting into a parking spot. "Stop it," TikTok user Savannah Soares can be heard telling the unnamed woman in the clip. The woman says she doesn't want to be filmed, but proceeds to sit on Soares' car as she presumably indicates to the car she's with that there is a free spot.

"I'm not sitting on her car, I'm leaning on it," she said. Throughout the clip, the woman continues to direct the person she's with to the spot. She only moves after the person filming repeatedly informs her there's another parking spot free.

Since it was uploaded on TikTok on Sunday, the clip has been seen over 18 million times.

In a follow-up clip, Soares said the woman refused to leave her car until the girls left theirs. Users on social media have praised Soares for her self-control and patience, claiming they might not have been so level-headed in such a frustrating situation.