Nearly $3 million in cocaine, fentanyl, and meth was seized during a recent undercover sting carried out by Drug Enforcement Administration officials.

Prosecutors in Manhattan federal court detailed the operation on Thursday, per a New York Post report. An agent had been investigating a "narcotics operation" in the Bronx area for the past two years, ultimately tracking a phone from the region to a Somerset, New Jersey hotel room earlier this week. According to the criminal complaint, officials then found Marco Segovia-Landa on the hotel's visitors list.

While scouting the location, DEA agents noticed another person, identified as Alicia Nichols, entering the parking lot of the hotel. The vehicle parked in a "secluded area" where authorities observed Nichols and Segovia-Landa repeatedly opening and closing the vehicle's door and trunk. 

Ultimately, Nichols was pulled over and searched, with officials alleging to have then uncovered seven kilograms of coke and seven kilograms of meth. Nichols relayed to agents that she had merely been told to pick up the coke and meth, at which point she was to transport them to a Bronx location for cash payment. Back at the hotel, a "large sum of cash" was uncovered, in addition to eight kilograms of fentanyl and another 13 kilograms of coke.

Per the Post, Segovia-Landa began to cooperate with the DEA by helping them put together a sting on those who had been instructed to make a pick-up. When they placed a call to Segovia-Landa, he gave a physical description of an undercover agent, resulting in their arrest.

All told, the DEA said, the seized drugs—35 kilograms of coke, fentanyl, and meth—boasted a street value of nearly $3 million and an estimated $750,000 on wholesale.