The hype surrounding Apple's next-generation iPhones is getting stronger and stronger.

Though the tech giant has yet to reveal solid details about the iPhone 11, or iPhone XI, a number leaks and rumors suggest there are big changes in store. We've heard reports about a three-lens rear camera, a 12MP front camera, a USB-C port, and the return of the notched display. These rumors have drawn mixed reactions ranging from excitement to underwhelmed to disappointed.

Customers will likely have to wait a few more months before Apple confirms design details for its next-gen smartphones; however, ConceptsiPhone and Hasak Kaymak have created concept videos that highlight all the purported features: the 5.8-inch iPhone 11OLED super retina display, the three-lense rear camera, and iBeam technology.

One rumored feature that isn't included in the videos is the Touch ID upgrade. As pointed out by CNET, Apple was granted a patent titled "methods of biometric imaging of input surfaces." The original Touch ID, which was introduced with 2013's iPhone 5S, could only be used by touching the home button; however, this purported upgrade will use acoustic fingerprint imaging technology that will allow users to place their finger anywhere on the phone to unlock the device. 

Again, this is all speculation at this point. Apple's Touch ID patent was published on Tuesday, but was filed back in 2016, before the company ditched the feature for Face ID. 

While we wait for more details about the upcoming devices, you can check out the iPhone 11 concept videos above.